Visit the showroom and have a look around: ctra. Ibiza-San José opposite Km5, the club.

Openinghours: Thursday/ Friday/ Saturday: 11.00 – 19.00

Or call for appointment +31 648109847.

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Simply put, Ibiza-Warehouse, sees life in the little things. We treasure the special items that complete a space.

We love the unusual and the storied: pieces that harken back to another time — items that say, “I’ve had a little adventure.” We believe in a mix of high and low, and investment pieces that become those family favorites to be passed down for years to come. Ibiza-Warehouse has a small mission; only surround yourself with the things and people you love. You can see that in our collection, you can taste our way of living in the showroom at Ibiza, but we offer also a collection in the webshop!

Thanks for visiting our space! Please shop around online, plan a visit to our store, or send an e-mail! We love to meet you!