Productive shooting day!

When a friend comes to me and says: “I need help!!” I can’t say no. So I don’t, and what happens is usually a lot of blood, sweat and tears, and we end up with a final product (logo, photo’s, website, etc.) that’s pretty cool to see come to life. I have to say a huge thank you to Peter Hardewijn and Monique Neelen for me inspired outside of my day job. I’m so thankful to know and work with you amazing and to call you friends. The result? We had a very productive shooting day together with Peter Hardewijn and Monique Neelen.

Productive and also cosy

On the pic, the beautiful teak ‘inlaid” coffee table with various wooden items such as: old peanut trays, wooden frame with christal salad bowl, a nice orange vase with black handle, tin pans, antique kitchenware and tableware. A wooden shoe frame and even a antique French bread cutter.All shooted at the Dutch ‘Forest hut” studio. Looking forward to a next shoot with Peter and Monique!


Photo credits:

Peter Hardewijn

Monique Neelen




Productive shooting day!