Marble side table


LxWxH: 40x40x51

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Marble side table

Marble side table, black marble foot and reddish marble top … that’s my style. That’s Ibiza-Warehouse. A clean beach vintage style is only over if you let it be, my friends. The marble side table is expertly decorated, and yet entirely personal and unique. I don’t like homes seem to styled. Its inherent sixties/fifties Revival. Charm is the perfect backdrop for a modern mash-up…art and soft surfaces… just try to mix it all up. Don’t make it to messy. Your home is not a place for Santa all the time 😉 …

As someone who is struggling to decorate a new home on a budget, this website is providing some much-needed introduction to a collection that I’ve never even heard of before, bargain Etsy and Ebay finds, and approachable styling tips. Go now and shop around at Ibiza-Warehouse!



Marble side table