Grey stone pots


LxWxH:  34x38x35 / 23x32x28 /  16x24x24

In stock: 2 / 1 / 1

Price: 85,- / 65,- / 55,-



Grey stone pots

Various grey stone pots, all different in size. In the interest of still sharing lovely things, I think it would be fun to start a to share the products of Ibiza-Warehouse that I’m calling Week’s End Wishlist. Naturally, throughout any given week I stumble across beautiful or enticing products and put them in the webshop and forget about them. Obviously that in and of itself is no fun—I’d rather share them with you!

Ibiza-Warehouse Week’s End Wishlist

You can click the images to find out more about them or shop—it’s that simple. Maybe this can serve as a guide of some kind? A guide to your inner shopaholic, that is Ibiza-Warehouse Week’s End Wishlist.

Maybe it’s the fact that it sunny this weekend, but this wish list captures the true color of all seasons. It’s easy to dress down or glam up with natures best basic. And how cute are those grey stone pots? Come on…

Grey stone pots