Cutting boards


LxWxH: 44x2x 60 round /  23x4x41

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Cutting boards

Cutting boards are good to have. So Ibiza-Warehouse has various wooden boards, vintage, old wood. As some of you know, I’m moving from Amsterdam to Ibiza, back to Amsterdam and during the weekends and when my showroom is open customers knock on wood. When I leave Amsterdam I always take a collection of post-grad hand-me-down furniture that I had been trucking around for  years. It feels great to have the chance to start fresh and to give other people to have fun with the collection of Ibiza-Warehouse. First priorities?  For now, they’re just a part of my “wishful furnishing” phase. Meanwhile I’m selling in my showroom and online the lovely collection of Ibiza-Warehouse.

Cutting boards, order them

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Cutting boards