Ibiza-Warehouse About Ibiza-Warehouse

Ibiza-warehouse was founded and created out of love and passion for the island, for vintage, markets, 2nd hand, unique pieces, interior, design and last but not least the urge to recycle, the pity to throw things away and never use them again.

ibiza-warehouse offers a nice and unique collection of things gathered all over the globe, from markets and shops everywhere in Europe and beyond: from France to Morocco, from Sweden to Kenya, from Vietnam to Los Angeles and of course…… treasures from Ibiza.

Note that all pieces are unique and most of them are only one of a kind

Besides ibiza-warehouse we offer a handmade label of (leather) bags and bracelets called figtree-label. These high quality leather bags you can also order custom – made.

Hope you enjoy the collection!


More about Ibiza-Warehouse

Hello there! My name is Carola and I design things. I live and work in Ibiza. I’ve written and designed this personal webshop with a collection made from the heart. Together, we’ve come a very, very long way…

I believe in: a comfortable way of live, a good glass of wine, taking the time to reflect on a hard day’s work, occasionally getting lost on purpose, keeping kindred spirits close, and trying something new (like opening Ibiza-Warehouse)!

I’m endlessly thankful for the wonderful friends I’ve made through this space. They continue to make this a site that celebrates personal and professional growth in action (as well as the frivolous things that keep  life interesting.) Thanks for stopping by!